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The Tyler Street House, as it has come to be known as, is a little house that sits in Fresno California. There have been stories, and then word-for-word copies of those stories, that have flown around the internet for some time across various sites. What an enigma this house has been! It has changed looks several times in a very short span of just a few years. It has changed occupants even faster. The house sits, now, completely renovated and rebuilt and is actually able to be occupied.

For reference -

As to the cause of the haunting and allure behind the house - several people would say it is because of eyes peering out at them from closets; some would say it is because of spontaneous laughter out of nowhere; while others would say it is because there is a dead cat that roams around in it; still, others would say outright that it was because of the poltergeist activity that had been happening in the mid 1980’s. Unfortunately, those that have first hand knowledge of the happenings inside the Tyler Street House can’t be found, or aren’t talking.

The story that was unfolding there for me was only beginning to be told, but unfortunately, the house has been lost back to obscurity and is no longer in my possession and therefore the secret to the haunting will continue to be a secret.

The Tyler Street House began to tell its story through feelings and visions; people were pulling facts from out of thin air while visiting it. There were four individuals that collaborated virtually the same story without even knowing they had done so. A simple one time visit, at different times, was all it took for these people to have had the facts handed over to them by unforeseen forces. It was up to them to interpret what it was that was being shared.

Furniture. Floor Lamps. Visions of horrific torture and a final moment that scarred the sanctity of the little Tyler Street House was all it took for the story to begin. Ahh, and that is the question we all sought to answer; “By whom?” Someone inside there wants the story to be told and we were only beginning to put the puzzle pieces together.

Unfortunately, that puzzle will never be solved, unless the house comes back into possession of someone who can hang onto it.

The stories I am about to share all happened to me, personally, over the course of several months while I lived at the Tyler Street House. I wrote every last single one of these little excerpts either as they happened, or shortly after they happened while the memory was fresh. None of this is made up or contrived in any way - I was trying to get to the bottom of the story too…

Please, read these little stories for what they are and not necessarily for grammatical sense as I simply transposed what I wrote nearly two years ago. Take from these stories what you will, but I only hope that you get out of them the essence of what actually happened.

As far as City records are concerned, the house was built in 1925, but I found evidence that the house may have actually been built in 1924? However, in 2007, the house was completely renovated and was sold to me for a brief period before unexpected things occurred and I could no longer afford the house. Years before the house fell into my possession though, it sat. Vacant. Alone. Dilapidated and completely hollowed out; just waiting to tell a story......
The Tyler Street House stories:
24May07 - 1st tour through the Tyler Street house
Start time: 9:35pm
End time 1:00am
Attendees – Jackie, Jenny, Shawn, Johanna, Mike, and myself.

General synopsis of evening: Quiet and uneventful

Overall night: I arrived at the Tyler Street House at about 8:40 pm to open up. I had goose-flesh most of the time until the team showed up. Unfortunately, the team was at another residence down the street at first and neither the team nor I knew where each other were. But, when they did find the house after a phone call, upon entering, Johanna, not saying anything at first, felt uneasy and queasy in the front room. Jen felt the exact same way but with the addition of tightness in the chest and a choking sensation. Jen did not want to go into the front room, (we quickly dubbed it the “bad room”), at first and took a little bit to warm up to the house. The team and I spent the entire evening in the “bad room” because that was where the most intense feelings were. Shawn felt run-down and he stated that his day before coming to the house was laid back and fairly uneventful; meaning he was not tired from the day before. We all asked a lot of questions for EVP sessions and talked a lot about music and random things that may be understood in 1920’s terms to entice whoever was there to give us an indication of something. Unfortunately, the whole evening just was rather uneventful. The thought was that since the house was newly renovated and had sat vacant for so long that it may take a bit to get energy back into the house.


13May07 – Brought family members to home for a view of the house at about 1:30 pm.
Attendees – Dan, Raylene, Rebecca and myself
General synopsis of visit: Uneasy and unnerving

Dan, upon entering, stood for a little bit to one side of the family room, and then stated that he had to leave as he was getting ill and nauseous. He also felt weak and just that he did not belong there. He excused himself and left the house to be outside. He felt a lot better after leaving the inside of the house.

Later, after the visit, Dan stated that there was a lot of hatred in that house and that he never wanted to go back there as he did not feel welcome in there at all.


19May07 – More of the story has unfolded by those who have visited the house. Dan, Jenny, and Josh who are all sensitive, came to me at different times to one another, to tell me almost the exact same story as they had “felt” it inside the house. Unknowingly, they each verified each other’s stories. What is thought to have occurred, by each on of the above individuals, is that a father type figure, or a man involved with the boy’s mother, physically abused a boy here by beating him relentlessly in the “bad room”. This is why the strongest feelings occur inside that room. By all three accounts, there was something significant about white furniture, or chairs, or white furniture made of wicker. There was something significant about the furniture in each account although they could not necessarily say what, but all three saw significance.

Basically, what was “felt” to have happened is that an unnamed mother of a boy, then 5 or 6, had some real problems with drugs and alcohol. Not only was this going on but he boy was thought to be mentally slow when in fact he was not, but his body was somehow hindered. At that time, there was an upstairs room and he was kept up there like a dog. The feeling of a dog came through heavily and was “given” as a name, but since his mother had problems and he was seen to be slow, he was kept in miserable conditions; even fed out of a dirty dog dish. At times, the boy would sneak down to see what was going on. There were several suitors to the mother, but one in particular would come through every once in a while to receive payments for the mother’s debts. If the boy was caught out, the man would take out his frustration on him in the “bad room”. He had a smell about him of heavy gear oil or grease and was thought to have worked the rail-yards for some time.

On one particular evening, and thought to be around the boy’s fourteenth birthday, and under uncertain terms, there was a social worker that had visited the house, and the boy had come downstairs when he wasn’t suppose to have. The social worker noticed this and how he was being kept, and took the boy away from the mother.

Now in the system, the boy grew to the age of 18 and was “released” on his own cognizance. Since he had no working skills at this time and his body was ill-developed, he went the streets. He lived on the streets until roughly the age of 31 or 32 where someone stabbed him to death. He showed back up at the Tyler Street House as a 5 or 6 year old boy with the mind set of a kept animal.

I was told that I was the ONLY female figure that showed any acknowledgment of his existence and therefore he followed me around while I was there at the house and became protective when I was around. Everyone else was shunned from the moment they entered until he noticed that I accepted their presence, but he still pushed everyone out of the “bad room” at first.

There were many tours through the Tyler Street House by one particular team, led by two individuals I will call “Jessica” and “Eclipse” hereafter, but on this undated tour, their team, who wish to remain anonymous, felt a bad presence emanating from the house and the moment they stepped foot in the house, virtually all of them felt pushed out. As if they were not wanted there. This team knew nothing of what was felt during the other visits, nor what was told to me about the “bad room”, but they did not like the “bad room” either. They felt that they were to not go past the doorjamb to the “bad room” at all.

Tonight, we got more activity though.

Pictures of a couple of orbs, or so they appeared to be orbs, had been captured. Audible sounds in the kitchen and bathroom were heard by everyone. Several of the team members felt nauseous, weak, faint, drained, tired, and a little scared – all in the “bad room”.

Outside, “Jessica” and “Eclipse” felt a very distinct bad feeling in one certain spot near the side of the house, near the bathroom window. “Jessica” felt the feeling first, and without saying what or where it was, had “Eclipse” verify the feeling by walking along that side of the house. They both had stopped in the exact same spot and felt really uneasy. We only verified this after the fact when “Jessica” stated the reason why she had “Eclipse” walk through there in the first place.

Tonight we got a ton of EVP’s throughout the house. We got anything from “Hi!” to “Please help me”. At this time, I did not have my own recording device, so I unfortunately have none of this tour on record. We also got a response of, “It’s not in here...” and then some other direct responses to questions asked.


24May07 – Impromptu visit from family members interested in the house.

Attendees: my mom, dad, Grandma, Aunt Sheila, cousins Jen, Josh and his girlfriend Joy. “Eclipse” was there too for a full tour that evening.

Josh was drawn to the “bad room” immediately because of the things I had shared with him. He came out pale and stated he had been grabbed and pushed by someone in there. He thought it was cool though.

Jen’s neck was blown on in the family room, but she failed to say anything at that time for fear of ridicule. She came back to the house just to tell me, after leaving sometime earlier, that she had been blown on and was really scared by it. My Aunt Sheila did not want to even come close to the door, nor go inside. She stood back off the porch and told Jen to tell me what had happened.

After everyone left, “Eclipse” and I were in the bad room asking several questions for EVP sessions and I had asked for an audible sign that someone was there listening to us. Moments later, there was a scratching sound inside the room on the wall to my left. I thanked whoever had done that and for making their presence known.

We even heard it later on “Eclipse’s” recorder.


1Jun07 – Another tour through the house.
Attendees: Jackie and Terry. More were supposed to have showed up, but did not.
I was not there, as I was in Utah, but Jackie had later told me that she got some good EVP’s, but nothing really happened that night. That night was a full moon as well, which is why they wanted the tour.


8Jun07 - “Eclipse” had booked another tour.
Attendees: her and myself.
General feeling of the night: very hot, hesitant and uncomfortable.

We got some strange noises, but one, which was similar but more pronounced than the other scratches we had heard on the night of 24th, was inside the “bad room” again. Really audible and pretty freaky. I immediately stood up, and ran over to the bedroom window to see if someone was running away, or moving around outside, but no one was out front. So, I ran over to the front door and opened it quickly – no one was there to have made the noise. The odd thing is that the noise did NOT sound like sheet-rock being scratched, but more of exposed wood paneling. There was no exposed wood paneling any more as the house was brought up to code with modern construction items. Very curious indeed as to what could have made that noise.

We left shortly thereafter, but earlier to this, we had laid out her recorder in the “bad room” and then shut the door. There was nothing, nor anyone, in that room except for the recorder. We went into the family room and sat there talking about former tours and other haunted locations around town for quite a while. We went to pick up the recorder to see what had taken place, and to our surprise, there was an awful recording just before we shut the recorder off. When we played it back, we heard ourselves talking in the family room and then some fumbling noises as if the entire recorder has been picked up, or moved. Then, complete silence; not even so much as white noise. Nothing. Then some shuffling noises again, and then nothing again. I mean, when it went quiet, there was no sound whatsoever. We then heard ourselves get up and walk over to the door, opening it and entering the room. Just before we turned it off to review what was captured, there was this awful, ogrish type voice that was very clear and that had stated, “..it’s her’s..”. It was so creepy and so pronounced that just by the sound of it, nearly made “Eclipse” drop the recorder. Unfortunately, after trying to play it back a couple of times and because she was excited, she accidentally deleted it. But after thinking about it for a few moments, it was almost as if whoever that was had come up to the recorder, picked it up, looked at it, put it down, then picked it up again, wondering what it was and who’s it was. Then when we entered into the room, and with “Eclipse” picking it up, they found out who’s it was and audibly came through with the, “..it’s her’s..” statement. That was an awful voice though.


9Jun07 – Another tour through the house.
Attendees: Tom and Jan. There were suppose to be several other people on this tour, but they did not show up.
General synopsis of the night: very eventful, creepy, exciting, phenomenal.

Overall story: The evening started on time and was a bit unnerving for me because I could not really read Tom and Jan as they were not really talkative and I had asked several times how much they wanted me to say about what had been happening so far, or if they wanted to get a feel for the house on their own and then have me fill them in later. I also asked them if they were sensitive or not. I did not get much out of them and I had no idea where they were going with their tour.

Come to find out, they were very sensitive and did not want to tell me at first. As the night progressed, Jan kept feeling more and more uncomfortable and Tom had to leave outside a couple of times to gain composure. The two of them were picking up on the little boy inside and said that he was with us.

While in the “bad room”, Jan noticed the lanyard for opening/closing the blinds was swinging. The swamp cooler was not on and everything was closed tight. When Tom got up to feel around the lanyard, it was very cold at the bottom only and then was room temperature everywhere else. I felt it too, all while it was swinging. I mean, the lanyard was not swinging wildly, but it was swinging on it’s own. This happened at 10:45 pm.

Right after this, in the back corner of the kitchen, there was a noise that happened that brought us out into the family room to see what had happened. The noise was a metallic sound, almost like a thin, clanking metal sound; sort of tinny sounding too. Nothing we did would re-create the sound. Since the house was built on pillars, or piers, there was a crawl space under the house, and since the original timbers were still in the floor, the house creaked rather loudly and shook a bit when you walked around. So with that thought, we tried to be a bit noisy and shake things up a bit, but could not re-create whatever that sound was. So, that was interesting because the sound kept coming through at random times throughout the night.

Later, we had moved into the family room and were sitting there talking about things when all of a sudden Jan started wiggling around and stated that she felt uncomfortable. She also said that her back was cold. Tom and I got up and went over, upon her request, to feel whatever was there. It was indeed several degrees colder than the surrounding room temperature and ONLY in a little spot around her neck and down her spine. Anywhere else was room temperature. Jan got up and went to the opposite side of the family room; sat back down, and then began talking again.

Several minutes later, she started squirming again and said that this time she was a bit freaked out because it was even colder now on her neck, back and certain spots on her shoulders. She requested that Tom and I come over and verify the cold again. This is when I nearly defecated myself because it was bitterly cold all the way down her back, and as if there were little arms wrapped around her neck, there were “cylinders” of cold, like little arms hugging her around the neck and then all of a sudden, the cold left. Vanished. Everything became instantly room temperature again. I stepped back away from Jan, a bit freaked out and ecstatic at the same time, with my skin crawling, I had my arms out from my body. I was felling the area, twisting my body looking for the cold again. Then, all of a sudden, my left arm went bitterly cold from mid fore-arm down, all the way to the core of my bones (I had never felt anything like it before in my life) and then immediately warmed up again. As if the little boy had run through my arm. THEN, all of a sudden, as I am getting more excited and freaked out at the same time, my right arm went bitterly cold all the way to the core of my bones like my left arm had, and then instantly went warm again. Tom jumped a bit moments later saying that he had been “hit” by him on the leg and that his leg went bitterly cold from mid thigh down. Then, if this was not enough, in the “bad room”, a shuffling noise happened moments later. It was thought that something spooked him out from behind Jan and made him run around us to get back into the “bad room” for some reason. I was on Jan’s right side, facing her, and Tom was at Jan’s left side facing her as well to give you a sense of how we were all together. So, it was as if the little boy had run to Jan’s right side, through my left arm, rounding my backside, then through my left arm as I waved it in the air, and then hit Tom in the leg as he ran into the “bad room”. AMAZING. Simply amazing. I had never before in my life experienced anything like this.

We were actually having a great time, when all of a sudden, around midnight, the whole house fell instantly and eerily silent and heavy. Literally, the whole density of the air inside the house became heavier and harder to breathe and extremely still. There was a general feeling of dread that had come over the house. We got a bit nervous and agitated at this point because it was noticeable the way in which the atmosphere changed. As were pondering what had just happened, Tom stopped cold in his tracks, turned to the “bad room” and stated in a low tone, “He just got home...The “bad man” just got home and he’s not happy. I’m getting pissed off right now, and he is not happy with me...he’s not happy that I’m here...” (to explain this, there were three entities felt inside the house at any one time. They were a man, a women and a child. The man was thought to be the remembrances from the boy and the women was a low level presence that was thought to also be a memory from the boy, but did not come through all that often unless through EVP’s).

Tom slowly went into the “bad room” and the air inside there was dense and just not right at all. He felt around a bit and then both Tom and Jan wanted to immediately go outside of the house.

While outside the house, Jan got a wrenching sensation in her stomach and felt ill. She even doubled over a bit and said that she almost stared crying. We walked around a bit more outside and went back inside. The air was still thick, but a bit more “open” and easier to breathe.

We went back into the “bad room” and Jan and I smelt a petroleum type smell, almost like heavy, used, gear oil. It stunk bad, but just as soon as the smell came through, it was gone again. The air smelled again of fresh paint from the recent renovation as if the gear oil smell had never been there.

The rest of the evening went well and fairly uneventful. Tom and Jan left at 3:45 am.

After going back through my recordings, just before Jan and Tom had showed up for the evening, I was inside the family room “warming” up the air with some questions and statements, I got an EVP that clearly said, “Behind you!” There was noting particular about it until I realized that when I got the EVP, I was sitting in the exact same spot where Jan had first felt the cold spots behind her, as if to foretell me that something was going to happen...


13Jun07 – No tour, just information.

I had emailed Tom and Jan to see how they felt about their tour. I also asked them if they could write me up something about what had happened to collaborate stories, and I received back the message of the fact that they were experiencing weird things that were out of the normal for them and that he declined to comment for me. I emailed back stating that I was sorry to hear that they were experiencing weird things, and that no one had ever had anything like this happen to them from the house; I never received anything back.


21Jul07 – Another group tour.
Attendees: Darrin, Amanda, Nyles, Alex, Christian, Greg, “Jessica” and “Eclipse”.
General synopsis of the evening: fairly uneventful with an easy, open feeling in the house.

Before much started, Greg became suspicious and left the house as he did not believe in any of it.

Everyone was in a rather lackadaisical mood and could not make up their mind about what they wanted to do with the evening. Not much did happen on this investigation/tour, but what did happen was pretty cool.

I had a clock that was of a lady holding a pendulum, and the pendulum swung back and forth, but I had it up on a wall sconce and, while looking for something that was easy to stop, or, move faster, that did not require much energy, I set it on a chair and invited the little boy to play with it. While we were all sitting there, I kept asking for something to happen and for a noise, and then all of a sudden, over in the corner of the kitchen, that tinny, metallic noise happened again. I asked for the noise to happen again, and seemingly in response to my asking, it happened again. Then, the metallic noise just stopped, and then the clock I had taken down earlier started rattling on it’s own. The house was still and no one was moving around, and there was no train going by, so we all stared at the clock for a while in amazement. The clock was not going wild or anything, but it was moving and rattling a bit; enough to get our attention. There wasn’t even anyone around the clock either. So, I spoke up and asked to have it happen again, and just after I asked, the clock started rattling again. We all gasped a bit because it seemed to be in direct correlation to me asking for it.

Amanda had brought some toys to not only pass the time with, but also to see if they would coax out the little boy as he was shy, but Nyles had taken some sticky tipped darts and threw them on the ceiling to where they stuck. In boredom, he stuck three together in a group on the ceiling and later, we observed that only one of them in the bunch was moving pretty wildly while the other two right next to it were not moving at all. Nyles got up to see if there was maybe a breeze around them, but as he got close, one of the darts looked like it literally detached from the ceiling and hovered for a moment before falling right in front of him. Interesting indeed because it was almost as if it “wiated” for him to get close to see it better.


Friday, 3Aug07 – There was a new group that had come through tonight.
Attendees: “Jessica”, Randy, Erin and myself. Jeri and a couple of her friends were suppose to show up also, but didn’t make it.

General Synopsis of the evening: eventful and interesting.

“Jessica” was starting another investigation group, and tonight was suppose to be a training session for the new group members as they had never been on an investigation before. We met at 7:15pm. We started the evening off with general chatter about the happenings of the former investigation group and the reason why another group was being formed.

Later in the evening, Randy and “Jessica” went to go get Erin. When they all returned, upon entering the house, Erin, could not stand still at all. She kept complaining of feelings of anxiety and she didn’t like it. She almost left altogether as she kept pointing out that she didn’t like the “bad room”.We all kept telling her that the feelings she had right now were normal for new people to the house, but that the feelings would subside and go away after a while when the little boy got used to their presence in the house. She did calm down and decided to stay. Most of the activity happened earlier in the evening before Erin got there. What we did get was both the front and back doors rattling as if someone was trying to open or close them; audible muffled bumping noises happened in the “bad room”, but the oddest sounds were of two snapping and popping sounds from in the “bad room”. Almost like an electrical arc, but bodiless and out of thin air. “Jessica”, myself and Erin were in the kid’s room, and Randy was standing in the doorway to the kid’s room looking at pictures of the evening. All of a sudden, we got a loud popping sound in the kitchen that had no space to it, meaning that it could not be placed at any one location, just in thin air in the kitchen area. We asked Randy to look and see what it was, and he just kept looking at the pictures. We left it at that because he was too engulfed in the pictures and whatever the noise was had already gone on to somewhere else. I then asked out loud, speaking to the little boy, “If that was you, can you do that again?” Right after I asked, I mean right after, in the kitchen again, another louder popping noise happened. We asked Randy, who was still talking about the pictures from the evening, to stop what he was doing and if he had heard that noise and to look to see what was going on. He did not because he was so engulfed in the pictures on his camera. Everyone else had heard the noises though. The only other items to note here were that “Jessica” and Erin heard what they described as people talking inside the house, but that they knew were not there.


8Sept07 – Moved into the house now and have been living here for a few days. Everything has been fine and there has been a serious drop in investigations and tours, so there has not been enough to really write about until now; I woke up twice last night to what sounded like someone rummaging trough my stuff and when I sat up in bed to see what was happening, the sound stopped. Nothing else to note for now.


Sunday night, 9Sept07 – Woke up last night by what sounded like crinkling paper or someone playing near my daughter, where she was sleeping. I know it was NOT my daughter because she was snoring and in bed. Some time later, my daughter woke me up crying. When I came into the room, she was sitting up and when I pulled the hair out of her face, she laid back down and was immediately asleep again. I did not really think about it at all as she has had bad dreams like that in the past, but as we were getting ready to leave to take her to school the next morning, Monday morning, I asked her if she remembered getting up and if she had a bad dream. To my amazement, she said she did remember waking up. I asked her what had happened to make her start crying, and her response to me stopped me cold – she told me that she saw the “bad man” and he was looking at her. She didn’t like it. I was stunned because I had told her nothing about the house, nor it’s history, but I asked her why she went back to sleep so quickly if she was scared and didn’t like him. I went on to ask if he had said anything to her, or God forbid, touched her. Then, if her earlier response was not enough to run my blood cold, her next response sent shivers through me; she said back to me that she was not scared because “...all the rest of them took him away.” I tried not to let on that I was spooked because I wanted her to know nothing of what was going on beyond anything else that had happened in the place. My daughter was about 5 at this time.


Monday night, 10Sept07 – When my daughter and I got home from the day, nothing out of the ordinary happened until about 9:15pm, not five minutes into the house, literally five minutes, we both heard what sounded like a mix between something sliding on concrete, scratching, and bushes rustling. My daughter became a bit agitated when I needed to look outside to see if someone had made that sound outside. No one was outside to have made that sound, so it was a bit unexplainable. There were no bushes touching the house either.


Friday night, 14Sept07 – Everything was rather ordinary, until about 2:00am when I was woke up by the front door rattling. I was still asleep basically, so the rattling registered in my brain as knocking, but was enough to get me out of bed to investigate. I had invited my friend over that night, and he never showed, so I thought it could be him finally, but was agitated that he would show up at 2 am without calling first. No one was at the door though when I opened it up. So I chalked the noise I had heard up to me being asleep for one, and a “breeze”. Shortly after getting ack in bed though, there was rustling and jostling around in the kitchen, enough to where I almost got up to ask whoever it was to stop and be quiet. I mean, it sounded literally like someone had brought in some groceries and was putting them away.


Friday, 23Nov07 – what would ultimately become my last entry for the Tyler Street house.

At about 6:50 in the morning, I was half-in and half-out of sleep with both of my cats on my bed when suddenly the silence was broken with a rather loud “bang” that sounded like a big sheet of plywood being thrown onto a wood floor. The whole house was covered in carpet. I sat up quickly, noticing that Dixie, my female cat, was already in the air from the noise and ran off when she landed, but Smokey, my male cat had his ears completely up and his eyes were wide and open. Both cats were all puffed up from having their hair standing on end. I was only wondering what the hell that noise was.