The Nightfall Tours story

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Our Name
Our business name, “Nightfall Tours”, stemmed directly from our mission - to provide first-rate guided walking tours that showcase certain locations while telling historically accurate stories of the haunted activity within, and along the way, finding out why a few of the locations´ former inhabitants may have never left. Since our tour schedules always start at, or around, the nightfall time frame, the name Nightfall Tours came to be. With these ideals, it is our hopes that the haunted history and nightfall ambiance is infused within every tour experience.

Nightfall Tours´ beginning
The idea for Nightfall Tours originally started out as a lengthy driving tour that would tour the greater Fresno area and bring you face to face with the assorted haunted, and sometimes abandoned, locations located in and around Fresno County. Originally, the tours were to be given in a retrofitted Hearse to add to the experience.
After the tour ended, there was to be an opportunity to actually stay overnight in a location to actually experience the true hauntings firsthand. Due to the needed startup funds and outlandish insurance rates, the idea was abandoned.
Through alot of deciding, and re-thinking, however, of that very idea, Nightfall Tours was finally born in 2006 as a guided walking tour through the heart of the Tower District. Our second year saw the addition of the highly respected Old Town Clovis location. The rest has been...well...historical.

Website experience
Nightfall Tours LLC´s wesbite has been built to bring you information about the supernatural and the history behind certain areas as well as the haunted activity located around each and every one of us day-in and day-out.
Our Tours page shows each and every date that we are in operation throughout the year. If a certain date is not available to be clicked on, and you wish to attend anyway, please feel free to call, but give us about a week´s notice in advance so that our schedules can coincide with your´s.
Through our Links page, there are many resources available for other interesting locations, along with further sites to satiate the curiousity withinregarding the everafter.

Thank you all for your interest into our tour schedules. Since this is only the beginning, more schedules are sure to follow.